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If he were one of my teammates I would be absolutely disgusted with him. And Lampard:"He's supposed to be a teammate of Wayne's at Manchester United and he does something like that. A lot has been made of trying to promote fair play in this tournament and that was certainly not fair play.After Wayne was sent off he (Ronaldo) winked at his bench and his teammates and that just about sums him up as a person. Who knew dude was packing Prell and spare red cards in his pants all game? Unfortunately that's the way it is with some players.But Gerrard and Lampard are a different story:"I saw what Ronaldo did," said Steven Gerrard, according to English reports."I saw him going over to the referee and giving him the card and I think he was bang out of order.

4) Hopping on the penalty spot is no way to make friends (but a fantastic way to make Paul Robinson dookie his shorts).

Let's start with Young Wayne, who's promised to "split him in two and smack him in the head." Fine.

I'd expect nothing less, or nothing more, from him.

Instead he let off with the by-now-requisite stream of profanities (In a previous Premiership match, he's reputed to have said 'fuck off' directly to referee Graham Poll in excess of 25 times in some absurdly short amount of time). Running over to the referee and gesturing down at Carvalho, Ronaldo -- as many game reports have put it -- "seemed to encourage [referee Horacio Elizondo] to punish Rooney for a stamp on Ricardo Carvalho." That player, when fouled, looks up expectantly at the referee -- and those fouled particularly hard couple those incredulous eyes with the international gesture for "card" -- still does not make it right, only normal.

I ask: What kind of referee needs, or takes, encouragement from players to give cards? Technically, he's only supposed to listen to two players (or rather, those players are the only ones allowed to talk to the ref): the captains of each team.

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