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Dating turbo

Carl Pelletier above with the RB Racing Bonneville 139" ORCA Single Cam motor with 8" rods, no gaskets, turbo ported SA B2 heads, Inconel valves, custom 1/2" cylinder studs, 32-2 crank trigger crankshaft , and water cooled barrels. The question is.."Is the engineering good enough for it to be reliable and is it practical enough to be driven anywhere"... People forget the rest..practical air cleaners for high horsepower. Pallets of raw parts, thousands of dollars in waterjet and laser cut parts and mandrel bending, plus over 1000 pages of documentation, software, CAD files, many three ring binders, and hopefully not too much brain fade.Here we are welding up a 300 HP HD Turbo Intercooler after machining and prepping the parts for it.RB Racing designed all the special parts like the 1/2" A-1 cylinder studs and the water-cooled cylinders as well as the pistons and other items. Some worked and some didn't but we never lacked power.. Our Bonneville efforts these days use sophisticated Cosworth Pectel SQ6M controllers and 500 hp turbos. Horsepower depends on a lot of factors like displacement, rpm, boost level , and cylinder head design... Fixtures and a lot of knowledge are required to make turbos for EVOs Twin Cams, VRods, Race Bikes, and specialized ORCA motors with Bosch Fly By Wire Pectel SQ6M Controllers etc..both Bonneville and Street bikes.

Above picture: Carl Pelletier of Competition Motorcycles delivering the 139" ORCA Motor to be installed in the Bullett.

Whatever it takes to make your 850lb Harley Dresser move. Dial the boost from your handlebar when you are riding.

On a Twin Cam 95" the turbo puts out about 165hp and 164 ft/lbs torque @ 9 PSI of Boost.

These tyres use 320 TPI Polycotton which are very supple indeed.

The Specialized S-Works Turbo Cotton tyres use the GRIPTON compound from the American brand too, as used on most of its fast rolling tyres.

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You cannot simply butt the turbo discharge up against the base to the intercooler as some firms do. The intercooler is rigidly mounted and the turbocharger and turbo plenum move with the rubber mounted engine.

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