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Dating sites south africa reviews on washers

Based on LG’s great reputation over the past few years, this washer should be as reliable as any modern, efficient model can be.

It also has some of the quickest cycle times of any washer and excellent cleaning performance.

HE top-loaders use less water and extract more of it from laundry than agitator top-loaders. Smaller spaces demand smaller appliances, and compact washer-and-dryer sets are slowly growing in popularity.

The WM3770H runs quietly, though like all front-loaders, it’s more likely to vibrate your floors during the spin cycle than a top-loader would be.

If you need to stack your machines to save floor space, most LG dryers with front-mounted controls (even old models) will fit on top of the WM3770H.

You've probably seen commercials or read about the next wave in laundry machines -- the high-efficiency washer (also called "HE"). Here's why they're so special: A typical washing machine accounts for more than 20 percent of your water bill.

It uses 50 gallons of water or more per cycle, which really adds up, especially if you have a big family and run lots of cycles per week.

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Their coordinating style makes a statement, but you'll question how a terrific washer and a noisy dryer that's tough on clothes ended up together. Here’s how to find the best washing machine for your needs.

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