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Especially when it was all her fault it was nothing he has done. Jaystream I um.this kit that at first was kinda rude but eventually opened up to me.She took a deep breath as he sat next to her excitement coming back. He seemed to always have this wall up towards everybody and I thought that was strange for a kit. She still blamed herself for Flowerpetal's death, Nutpaw seemed to be taking it hard as if she blamed herself. She can't do anything right, what even was the point of her fighting the darkness? The only good things about being back was the talk with Echokit and Jaystream.But at least she did something, she tried to claw the mist up. The only ones that seemed happy to see her back was Jaystream she hasn't even seen Morningfog. Signing deeply she looked up to find that she was looking out to the river, so her paws brought her here huh?With his body crouched, the tomcat jumped and caught the naive rodent with his jaws.Despite his large body, the warrior managed to be a pretty great hunter that was careful about how much noise he made.Especially if Echokit's father got angry with her or goes after him again what could she do? I was thinking.." She blushed as she mumbled the thought she had. She didnt want him to feel like she was pushing him away or anything. Besides, it also means that we will spend more time together and nothing can make me happier than that." Even if the tomcat was blushing at first because of all his confusion, what he said was the truth.

His mother died giving birth to him and his sister and his father blamed him for her death.

Her paws were heavy as she walked in the water she didn't go in deep since she knew she was still recovering and her body wasn't at full strength yet.

It calmed her to have the water through her pelt more then anything.

He quickly buried the prey when he heard a soft splash in the river who was not so far from him. Cinderpaw was so deep in her thoughts she didn't hear or smell Jaystream till he started talking making her jump causing a loud splash around her.

Jaystream walked closer to it just to discover the calico pelt of the she-cat who had been sleeping for so long. Her eyes wide for a second before she saw it was Jaystream then grew soft. Yeah its just great." Her voice was distant as she stood in the water.

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Cinderpaw~ One Gathering, Moonstone Rosepaw~ One Gathering, One Patrol, Hunting Assessment Snowpaw~ One Gathering, One Patrol, Hunting Assessment, Moonstone Cloverpaw~ One Gathering, Hunting Assessment Berrykit~ One topic, One week Jaystream listened to Cinderpaw's story with this kit quietly, understanding every choice she made with him after such a difficult life for a young cat.